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Couple Jewelry Sets meaning and why it is given as a present

We buy it, choose it and give it as a present. Are we sure that we understand its meaning? We will discuss its long history. Let's begin by saying the meaning behind the engagement ring, which can be described as simple and romantic, is quite simple. This kind of ring symbolizes both love and marriage vows. It is typically given by a man to a woman prior to the wedding.

The design of the ring itself shows the significance it holds in our culture. This ring is in fact an endless and perfect circle, and is perfectly suitable to represent love for eternity.

However, the custom of the engagement ring is not as well-established in all countries like it is in ours. Giving it to a loved one is a standard practice in the Western world. In a few South American countries, however the ring is worn on the right hand instead of the left and then moved to the right hand on the wedding day.

Why would we give a ring to an engagement as a gift?

In order to answer this question, we'll have to look into a brief historical parenthesis. It appears that the Romans had the tradition of giving a bride two rings - one gold, and the other an iron one, to be used at home, so as to not to ruin the gold rings.

The ring was affixed to the left finger of the ring more and more in the past, and we still do it today, because the vena Amoris (vein for love) was believed to run through this finger. It is directly connected to the center.

The first real engagement ring was ordered by Maximilian I, Archduke of Austria in 1477 to Mary of Burgundy.

Then, in the twenty-first century, the custom gradually became more prevalent, particularly after the Second World War, when the belief was spread across the United States that the engagement ring was a necessary engagement present, particularly if it was adorned with diamonds.

What is the best way to choose an engagement ring?

Let's take a look at some suggestions for selecting the perfect engagement ring after we have learned more about what it means.

First of all, there aren't any rules. Everyone can pick the ring that they prefer in accordance with their personal tastes and preferences. However, it is true that some rings are more popular than others. People typically choose:

Solitaires are rings with a single stone, such as a diamond.

A riviere is also referred to as a veretta, and it has many stones in addition to it;

A half-faith ring or ring band is, as the name suggests, a smaller one compared to a traditional wedding ring.

Another popular option is the trilogy ring, that is, a gold or platinum jewel decorated with three precious stones, often brilliants. A trilogie ring has romantic significance, since the three stones represent the past, present and the future of the couple.

There are a myriad of metals and materials that can be used to make rings. The most common are gold, platinum and silver. Even with precious stones, there is no standard that is applicable to everyone; despite this, the best classic is undoubtedly the diamond ring, and the most popular are brilliant cut diamonds.

Incorporating other stones into the diamond isn't uncommon. In these cases you must be aware of their meaning.

For instance, if opt for an engagement ring that has an emerald ring, remember that its meaning is varied This stunning green stone is synonymous with elegance, harmony, peace and hope, but when you give the ring to your girlfriend, it also is a symbol of the fidelity and devotion.

Aquamarine has a completely different symbolism. The meaning of a ring with aquamarine in it is very important for a couple as it signifies a happy and stable relationship. It is also an excellent indicator for their future together.


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